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Could Gout Be Causing Your Joint Pain?
Could Gout Be Causing Your Joint Pain?

Gout can be one of many causes of joint pain. As a form of arthritis, it can occur in primarily

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Frankenmeat: Would You Eat It?
Frankenmeat: Would You Eat It?

“Frankenmeat”, or lab-grown meat, has made major headlines in recent news. Carrying a hefty price tag of $330,000 for development

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Warning: Blood Pressure Meds Linked to Increased Cancer Risk
Warning: Blood Pressure Meds Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

If you have hypertension, and are currently taking medications to reduce your blood pressure, you may be at risk for

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Special Reports

Every day hundreds of new reports and published medical studies are being released, many of which fly in the face of long held beliefs about health and fitness.

With the vast amount of new information coming online daily, how do you know which ones to pay attention to? How do you know what changes to your lifestyle or diet that you should make.

The only reasonable way to stay up on the latest and best research and published studies is to rely on a trusted source to filter, screen, and then gather up the very best information possible on the health issues that are important to you and your family, such as...

  • Increasing your Mental Clarity
  • Discover the best natural Hormone Replacements
  • The truth about Anti-Aging products...
  • Controlling and even eliminating Diabetes
  • Protecting your brain against Alzheimer’s disease
  • The proven methods for safe and effective Fat Loss

These are just a few of the topics that we dive deep into and provide you with the very best, cutting edge research and advice.


We’re privileged to have access to some of the foremost doctors, healers, and natural remedy experts in the world. And we love to bring their latest insights straight to you.

We believe that if you listen to you body, and give it the care and attention that it was meant to receive, it will naturally maintain a state of health and vitality.

So we hold a monthly online seminar to take you through a process of learning how to care for your body the way it was originally designed. The only missing ingredient is the knowledge you need to put these principles into practice.

  • Attend free monthly seminars right from your computer
  • Get mentored by the world’s leading medical and natural remedy experts
  • Learn to give your body exactly what it needs (and what to avoid)
  • Your questions answered by the experts live.

Meal Planning

As you begin to adopt a new eating style, the number one roadblock for most people comes down to choosing the best meals to prepare for you and your family. This is where you discover how to assemble meals that keep you on track and help you burn fat, get more energy, and keep your mood elevated throughout the day.

We’ve built a way cool and easy to use meal planning tool that allows you to pick from over 200+ Paleo approved meals and then print out a complete shopping list! This greatly simplifies meal planning for you and your family and ensures that you are adhering to a Paleo approved eating plan!

  • Super easy meal planner - just drag and drop your meals onto the calendar
  • Your grocery list pops up instantly, ready to print or text to your phone
  • Never get caught unprepared for what to eat with Paleo approved foods list
  • Makes getting started simple and nearly effortless!


One of the most helpful benefits of the PaleoHealthClub is the vibrant community of people we have attracted. Inside you’ll find discussion groups and helpful members who are passionate about health, recipes, and even special sections for information and support concerning the most common major health related diseases such as diabetes, joint pain, low testosterone and more.

This resource is invaluable when you have questions that need answers now and you’d like to reach out to the community to get a quick answer. You’ll make friends, share stories, and begin to develop long lasting friendships inside the PaleoHealthClub communities.

  • Make friends and gain support from friendly people sharing your journey to better health
  • Deep insight and personal stories about fighting and avoiding common diseases
  • Get useful tips, recipes and insight from your new Paleo pals


Not only will you have immediate access to deep discounts on our own products, but every month we will feature a new special discount that we have arranged with one of our business partners. These specially negotiated deals aren’t available anywhere else and include deals in categories such as prescription coupons, travel deals, and many more.

  • Exclusive member's only discounts on top quality PHC approved products
  • Only the best offers, carefully screened and skillfully negotiated direct to you
  • New money-saving coupons every month!

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